I wish everybody a happy start to the New Year. I have had a lot of fun so far, right after Christmas I got the opportunity to travel to Iringa with Chris Dennison, the other Ck volunteer, Alice and Celia who both teach at the local school in Dodoma. Iringa is in the southern highlands […]

I wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. We had a bonfire and christmas eve dinner at my house last night it was a lot of fun. I will be posting pictures later on today. I hope everybody had a great Christmas. This was my first Christmas away from home but it was still a […]

  Today I got the opportunity to go to Swaswa the link Parish of my home parish in the U.S., St. John’s Episcopal Church of Pleasantville New York. Pastor Noah, the director of Carpenter’s Kids, and Chris Dennison came as well. We were shown around by Pastor Jonasy, he brought us to the local primary […]

So just a basic update on what is going on right now in the Carpenter’s Kids office and in Dodoma. Right now is the beginning of the rainy season in Tanzania. It has only rained twice so far and only for a couple of hours each day. The rainy season is when most of the […]

    So the pictures above of the people dancing were taken in the village of Kawawa. This village is one of eight villages that take part in the Hombolo Hospital Community Health Education Program. The program tries to help spread awareness about identifying Leprosy, HIV, and other STDs through songs and performances. In these pictures […]

So last Thursday Colin Ferguson, The director of The Leprosy Mission Northern Ireland, Brian Atkins, Business Advisor to DCT, Chris Dennison, CK volunteer, and I got the opportunity to visit the village of Kawawa. The village of Kawawa is one of eight that is involved with Hombolo Hospital Community Health Education Program. Hombolo Hospital was […]

So I’m here in Tanzania. I arrived in Dar es Salaam on Saturday and then took a bus up to Dodoma . It was along trip, the flight was about twenty hours and the bus ride was approximately nine hours.  By the time I got to the house it was late and I was tired […]