CK Update

I know I have not updated this blog in while, but it has been a very busy time at the Carpenter’s Kids office in Dodoma. Along with the start of distributions, visitors have started coming as well. The first group arrived at the end of May and left at the beginning of June and we have had our  second and third groups  just arrive.

For the most part when CK has visitors in Dodoma they wind up spending a majority of their time out in their link village. They get big welcoming celebrations when they first arrive and then over the next few visits the visitors usually get a tour of the local primary school and other things the people in village think our visitors would like to see.  A lot of groups also do work projects while they are here, for example one of the groups of visitors we have right now is repainting and repairing desks at their link villages primary school.

It is my job along with the rest of the CK staff to make sure these groups get where they need to be with minimal issues. It is non stop but enjoyable work and it allows me to go out to several different villages. So all in all it is a much more hectic time for Carpenter’s Kids right now but it is still a lot of fun.


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