I wish everybody a happy start to the New Year. I have had a lot of fun so far, right after Christmas I got the opportunity to travel to Iringa with Chris Dennison, the other Ck volunteer, Alice and Celia who both teach at the local school in Dodoma. Iringa is in the southern highlands of Tanzania. Dodoma has a dry warm climate where as Iringa in contrast is cooler and has more consistent rains, it was a nice change of pace. Iringa is about 265 kilometers from Dodoma, but the route that buses take is not direct so it took about nine hours to get to Iringa. We stayed at the Neema Craft Guesthouse. Neema Craft is a project that was started by the Diocese of Ruaha that offers employment to those with physical disabilities. The disabilities of the employees range from being deaf to having club feet. Neema Craft is very well run and was a great place to stay, the food was awesome and the staff was always friendly. Iringa is about two hours away from Ruaha National Park, so we went on a safari on New Year’s Eve day. I got to see Elephants, Giraffes, Impala, Zebra, and Lions. At one point some lions where chilling a couple feet away from our land rover, it was awesome. There was also a great pizza place in Iringa called Mama Iringa’s. It was about a three kilometer walk from Neema Craft. The first time we walked there it was a little farther outside of town than we expected and we had to walk past multiple graveyards to get there, but the food was great so it was worth it. For the most part we all just relaxed and enjoyed the city of Iringa for the week that we were there, it was a lot of fun and I hope I get to go there again one day.090078011

Alice, Celia, Mama Iringa, Chris, me

Alice, Celia, Mama Iringa, Chris, me

Lions chillen next to our range rover

Lions chillen next to our range rover




  1. Nancy Lisy · · Reply

    Love the animal pics Bri and you look great….what an experience!

  2. Sounds like a great experience ! I enjoyed reading your blog and the photos of you, your friends and the animals all wonderful to see.

    My best to all.. P.

  3. Sounds amazing Brian, the pictures were awesome! We keep you in our prayers here at St. John’s, hope you are well and continue to experience these wondrous adventures!

  4. Nice blog. Sounds like a great trip! I’d have to correct you about one thing: Lions don’t chill (or chillen). They might be lazing. They might be resting. They might be checking you out as a tasty dinner time meal. Your friends may chill. Lions don’t. Love, Dad (who else)

  5. Paula Hedderick · · Reply

    Brian – I am just so impressed that you are traveling to these faraway places that many of us will never see! If the photos are just one small portion of what you have seen, I can only imagine how much each of these experiences has changed you. Please continue writing as I am so curious to know what you will see next.

  6. Marlee Bullock · · Reply

    Wow, great pictures and a wonderful adventure. Uncle Gary keeps talking about going to East Africa someday so I can see where he was during his Peace Corp days. Maybe someday. In the meantime, please send lots of pictures and more descriptions like you have been! Love, Aunt Marlee

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