Update of what is going on at CK

So just a basic update on what is going on right now in the Carpenter’s Kids office and in Dodoma. Right now is the beginning of the rainy season in Tanzania. It has only rained twice so far and only for a couple of hours each day. The rainy season is when most of the crops are planted and cultivated throughout the country. This is also the time that things slow down in the Carpenter’s Kids office. During the rainy seasons distributions are discontinued until the rain ends in mid February to early March. We use this extra time in the office to prepare for next year’s distributions, pilgrimage visits, and other projects that CK will undertake in the upcoming year. The Pilgrimages are groups from various parishes in the States that come to Tanzania to see the progress of the CK program in their link Villages. They often come and work on projects here. It is a great way for the people in the U.S. to see how much good this program has done. During this time Chris Dennison, the other CK volunteer from Kingston New York, and I have come up with a project of our own. We will be creating a series of short videos that highlight the successes of the CK program. These videos will show the different facets of the program and how it has evolved over the years. We are not sure how long it will take to complete, but we hope it will be soon and I will post updates periodically.


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