So the pictures above of the people dancing were taken in the village of Kawawa. This village is one of eight villages that take part in the Hombolo Hospital Community Health Education Program. The program tries to help spread awareness about identifying Leprosy, HIV, and other STDs through songs and performances. In these pictures the villagers are singing a song about the dangers of HIV in a rural community. The pictures of the baboons were taken at the Ibihwa Vocational school, where at meal times the students leave out food for the baboons. The Baboons descend from the surrounding mountains on to the campus to eat the food.



  1. Nancy Lisy · · Reply

    Very cool Bri…Love the animal pictures. Don’t get to see those guys in Valhalla!

  2. Great photos! Have you seen other wildlife?

  3. Pat Orlay · · Reply

    Hi Brian,

    These are great photos. The trees and weather seem very different from home. It is grey, cold and damp with some rain here in NY. I am going to sell tress after church. Hope you have a nice Sunday too.

    Take care, Mom

  4. Rosemary Carlough · · Reply

    Hi Brian-
    I have been meaning to check out your site. It must be SO different to be there in December than in NY. It’s great to see the pictures. I’m sure the trip was very long – I’m not great on long plane rides. Keep us posted on your work and travels.
    Best – Rosemary Carlough

    1. Yeah it is pretty different here. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and I will be sure to keep it updated.

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