So I’m here in Tanzania. I arrived in Dar es Salaam on Saturday and then took a bus up to Dodoma . It was along trip, the flight was about twenty hours and the bus ride was approximately nine hours.  By the time I got to the house it was late and I was tired from the trip so I was pretty excited to get some shut-eye. Unfortunately some roosters and a pack of wild dogs had other ideas. Apparently roosters do not crow exclusively at sunrise and dogs like to howl at the moon just like wolves. It’s all good though I got used to them over the past couple days while I was getting acclimated to life here. It is really nice here, apart from midday where the temperature is close to ninety degrees, the climate is very comfortable. The Tanzanians are very nice and are always willing to teach me a new Swahili phrase when I have a conversation with them. I have not cooked my own food yet, so I have been eating at the Dodoma Hotel a lot which has a wide variety of food that is all very good. The house I live in is great and is very close to the center of the city and about a 10 minute walk from work. So far in the short time I have been here it has been an awesome experience. I will be putting up pictures shortly.

My House



  1. Nancy Lisy · · Reply

    So glad you are there safe and sound and that all is good so far. Enjoy every day of this experience. Love the blog…keep writing and looking forward to pictures.

  2. Lauren Salminen · · Reply

    Hi Brian-looking forward to hearing more of your village experiences and seeing pictures. I know there’s A LOT of work for you, but you’re up to it. Everyone here is very excited for you, and looking forward to hearing about your adventures. You’re missing the Christmas Tree Sales at SJ!! it must be weird to be in 90 degree heat in December. Keep blogging!

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