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    So the pictures above of the people dancing were taken in the village of Kawawa. This village is one of eight villages that take part in the Hombolo Hospital Community Health Education Program. The program tries to help spread awareness about identifying Leprosy, HIV, and other STDs through songs and performances. In these pictures […]

So last Thursday Colin Ferguson, The director of The Leprosy Mission Northern Ireland, Brian Atkins, Business Advisor to DCT, Chris Dennison, CK volunteer, and I got the opportunity to visit the village of Kawawa. The village of Kawawa is one of eight that is involved with Hombolo Hospital Community Health Education Program. Hombolo Hospital was […]


So I’m here in Tanzania. I arrived in Dar es Salaam on Saturday and then took a bus up to Dodoma . It was along trip, the flight was about twenty hours and the bus ride was approximately nine hours.  By the time I got to the house it was late and I was tired […]

Departure Date

So I got my departure date. I will be leaving on November 15th. I will be arriving in Dar es Salaam on the 16th and then be in Dodoma on the 17th. I am really excited to be getting started and I just want to thank everybody again for their help and support.